Steeldome InfiniVault Data Storage and Backup

Modern Zero Trust

Data Storage for the Cloud Era

A fully managed, highly secured, software based data storage appliance specifically designed for ease of use and simplicity of deployment.  The InfiniVault™ is the most secure, robust and easiest to use data protection solution on the market.

InfiniVault is an enterprise class backup and storage product that is available at a non enterprise cost.  It provides the easiest path to leveraging public cloud storage while delivering exceptional Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives in the event you need to recover your data.  The InfiniVault is a data preservation and protection system which allows you to optimize how you manage/handle your data.  It combines sophisticated software with industry endorsed removable hard drive technology.

Raising the Bar in Data Storage and Backup for Companies of Any Size

What is Infinivault?

InfiniVault – The Customer Experience

InfiniVault – The Ultimate SMB Data Backup and Storage

InfiniVault – The Ultimate HealthCare HIPAA Data Backup and Storage


Includes Support for Microsoft O365, Google Apps and over 20+ Cloud Platforms


Self-contained system – no complicated inter-dependencies or supporting systems required for operation.


No agents required – transfer data to the InfiniVault™ using common well-established network protocols.


Small footprint – eliminates need for physical SAN or NAS storage and doesn’t require significant virtual resources.


Unlimited scalability – deploy as many vaults with as much capacity as you need leveraging the power and scale of the public cloud.


Nothing to manage – the InfiniVault™ is fully managed. Simply determine what data will be protected by the InfiniVault™.


Powerful end-to-end security – the InfiniVault™ is infused end-to-end with a zero-trust security framework.


Built-in malware detection – detects malicious malware and virus signatures as they pass through the InfiniVault™.


Data modification monitor – alerts whenever any unauthorized modification is made to InfiniVault™ data.


Zero-day defense – recover lost or damaged data set in seconds from invisible air-gapped immutable snapshots (known as Data Cloaking).


Hypervisor support – direct support for protecting VMware ESXi and Hyper-V images without the need for additional software.


Bare-metal support – direct support for protecting Windows, Mac and Linux bare metal systems.


Image transformation – convert to/from the following virtual image formats: RAW, VMDK, VHD, RAW, VDI and QED.


OVF file-level restore – granular file-level recovery for all major hypervisor image formats.


Traffic shaping – static and dynamic traffic shaping prevents impact on internet connection throughout business hours.


Public cloud applications – supports backing up Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and 20+ other cloud provider platforms.


Live workload support – if necessary, the InfiniVault™ supports running live workloads for rapid restoration of critical services.


Highest compatibility – since accessing the InfiniVault™ is achieved using common protocols, it is compatible with all operating systems.

InfiniVault™: the new era of digital defense

The threat to your data has never been more serious. Human error, power outages, software errors, hardware errors, viruses, malware and now ransomware. These threats coupled with explosive data growth and increasingly complex systems makes protecting your data an extremely challenging task.
InfiniVault™ is a fully managed, highly-secure, software-based data storage appliance specifically designed for ease of use and rapid provisioning. It provides the easiest path to leveraging public cloud storage while delivering exceptional RPO and RTO in the event you need to recover your data.

Data Survivability

Data is redundantly distributed across cloud providers providing protection against site and provider failures.

Data Durability

Advanced error correction ensures maximum data integrity and durability throughout the lifecycle of the dataset.

Data Security

Data is protected against theft using advanced industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithms.

Data Immutability

Data is protected with read-only snapshots which can only be accessed after SteelDome authorization is granted.

What do you get with your InfiniVault™?


Fully managed and secure cloud storage across multiple global providers

You are busy running a business, we have a professional staff that will manage your backups and storage.


24×7 remote monitoring with mission critical response

Your data is critical to your business.  We conduct round the clock monitoring for issues and respond to critical issues within minutes.


Complete turn-key and fully managed deployment for rapid provisioning

Our turn-key system can be fully deployed in less than a single day.


Deployable on any private/public cloud platform or as a bare-metal solution

Our solution is highly customizable and can be deployed in almost any cloud platform on the planet.

4 Easy Plans to Choose From


Provisioned Capacity up to 20 TB

As low as:  $1,000 per month


Provisioned Capacity up to 50 TB

       As low as: $3,750 per month


Provisioned Capacity up to 100 TB

As low as:  $7,500 per month


Provisioned Capacity over 100 TB

As low as:  ICB Pricing Only