Security Operations Center

Rest assured your infrastructure is monitored and protected 24/7 by a fully staffed team of cybersecurity experts.


A Complete SOC without the Cost and Overhead

Overcoming advanced threats requires more mature technology, skilled people, and diligent incident response than in years past. Instead of  staffing, training, and maintaining  a security operations center (SOC) on your own with finite staff, time, and funding, SOC-as-a-Service enables you to mature your security posture quickly and at scale.

With SOC-as-a-Service,  you receive the SOC “function”  in a SaaS model  along with cybersecurity experts, unified technologies – including  SIEM and Endpoint Protection – and services, including vulnerability assessments, network scanning, and threat intelligence.

What is a Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Benefits of a Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) with Advanced Threat Protection

Your Team of Security Experts 24×7 

Solve the Cybersecurity Staffing Crisis

A SOC allows organizations to fully monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats 24/7/365. But the obstacles to build and maintain an in-house SOC are significant. The high cost of hardware and software alone is daunting, but even more expensive is the process of recruiting, training, and retaining a team of qualified cybersecurity analysts.

SOC-as-a-Service Makes 24/7/365 Monitoring a Reality

Netsurion delivers a 24/7/365 ISO-certified SOC-as-a-Service, powered by our own SC Media 5-Star threat protection platform. Our analysts work as an extension of your in-house team to understand your environment and proactively respond to threats as they occur.

A Trusted ISO-Certified SOC

Our SOC has been audited and formally certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification emphasizes Netsurion’s strong commitment to providing the highest levels of security to enterprises.

Solution Overview

A SOC is just one capability of our managed threat protection platform, EventTracker.​​