ThreatProtector ELEVATE! Partner Program

Start offering your customers and prospects a unique and innovative cyber security stack which will create new opportunities and increase your residual income. ELEVATE! has four tiers and will provide our partners with strong benefits including free access to our services, search engine optimization, sales enablement tools, lead generation webinars and much more!

Why Partner with ThreatProtector?

Hackers are ever evolving in their approach to exploiting businesses.  Bringing a world-class solution to your customers to manage this real risk is essential.

Threat Protector’s partner program will allow you to offer a unique set of services to customers.  Products include security awareness training, dark web monitoring phishing simulations, endpoint protection and email encryption.

Adding these innovative products to your portfolio will not only help your customers, but build your long term residual income.

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Succeed with our Innovative Benefits

Revenue Growth

Provide your customers with the tools and resources to improve their overall cybersecurity posture while increasing your residual income.

Best in Class Products

Create additional sales opportunities by upselling, cross-selling, and renewals into your existing customer base. Open the door to new opportunities to solidify your standing as a “trusted advisor” to your customers.


Offer products that are easy for our partners to sell, while we handle the implementation, installation and ongoing support.. We support you every single step of the way.

Build Trust

Immediately advance your customers technology stack to reduce their risk, helping you to build trust and to a trusted technology advisor

ELEVATE! Partner Benefits


Profitable Residual Income


Upfront spiffs


We Support and Onboard Your Customers


Lucrative Addition of Cybersecurity Products


Opportunity Registration


Partner Training


Easy-to-Use Partner Resources


Sales Enablement Tools


Lead Generation for Partners


Prebuilt Email Campaigns


Brandable Content and Brochures


Demo Support

Help your customers build a more resilient organization with security top of mind.
up to $2,000 MRR
$2,000 to $5,000 MRR
$5,000 to $10,000 MRR
Above $10,000 MRR
Partner Portal Access
Dedicated Customer Order Link
Sales Enablement Tools
Partner Demo Support
Customer Breach Door Opener
Lead Generation Webinar1 per year2 per year3 per year
Search Engine Optimization
(3 months free)
Pick OnePick TwoPick Three
Complimentary Threat Protector ServicesPick OnePick TwoPick Three
Partner Advisory Council Position
Pinnacle Club Yearly Trip Qualification