The Best Defense is a Strong Offense When Protecting Your Business From Cyber Threats

Businesses are breached every 10 seconds.
Ongoing security awareness training is critical in building
a strong organizational cybersecurity posture.

People Centric and User-Friendly email encryption for Business

Total email security that includes email encryption, compliance, filtering, and archiving for any business.

Proactive Device Protection for Advanced Cyber Threats

Stop responding to threats, prevent them with Real-time protection. Ransomware Prevention, RDP Controls and more..

Managed Security Operations Center

Complete managed security platform to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats across your entire business. Our security operations center (SOC) analyzes over 6 billion logs every day.​

Telesystem Acquires ThreatProtector

We are excited to share that ThreatProtector, industry-leading cybersecurity provider, is now a Telesystem company.
The acquisition opens the door for businesses to implement advanced voice and networking solutions while protecting your valuable data from growing cyber threats via  ThreatProtector’s comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio.

View Telesystem’s Security Portfolio

ThreatProtector gives you the protection, visibility and products for your biggest Cybersecurity challenges.

Explore the latest managed cybersecurity services in today’s exponentially growing threat landscape

Breach Secure Platform

Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees and reduce risk with advanced phishing simulations, monitoring the dark web for exposed passwords, employee risk assessments and cybersecurity awareness training. Build your human firewall.

Endpoint Essentials

Endpoint Essentials

A full suite of cybersecurity tools delivering real-time whitelist protection, two-factor device authentication, RDP controls, remote management tools, expansive reporting and more. Stop viruses and malware while optimizing endpoints for maximum end user performance.

Advanced Email Protector

Advanced Email Protector

Easy to use advanced email protection for your business. Includes painless email encryption with no plugins or apps, email security that includes full-stack protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based virus and phishing attacks, and safe send outbound email filtering to ensure compliance and sensitive data from being leaked.

Breach Secure Platform

Managed Security Operations Center

A SOC is crucial for aggregating security monitoring, data collection, and analysis, and for acting as a command center for incident response and forensic investigation for your business.

SOC-as-a-service helps organizations overcome the challenge of the cybersecurity skills gap and offers rapid scalability of advanced security technology.


Effectively Developing And Managing IT Security Solutions

No matter how large or small your company is, you rely on the internet for your business’s critical aspects. At ThreatProtector, we specialize in providing IT security solutions customized to meet the needs of your company.

We focus on providing user-friendly, engaging, and informative programs in cybersecurity awareness training. Training employees in a company is one of the foundations of building a robust cybersecurity platform. It is effective in preventing email phishing and spearfishing attacks from penetrating your business and protecting your data and information.

Cybersecurity Education Beyond the Basics

Our email phishing training and cybersecurity education provides employees, management teams, and company leaders with the knowledge they need to spot attempts to hack into your system. Through comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training, your staff becomes your “human firewall”. Our training reduces the risk of employees making the common mistakes that let hackers gain access to valuable data and system programs.

We also provide monitoring of the dark web. Through this monitoring, we can spot the fraudulent use of any of your employee’s passwords that have already been compromised, allowing you to make changes to thwart attempted breaches.

Email Protection

In addition to our cybersecurity education and training programs, we also offer email protection for your company. Our Advanced Email Protector prevents spam, email viruses/malware, and other types of email-based attacks. At the same it provides encrypting and filtering outbound email to prevent any sensitive internal information from being inadvertently sent from your employees. This helps prevent internal security leaks of data.

Our advanced email protection services, security compliance, and full-stack protection is seamless and fully integrated, providing a level of peace of mind that is invaluable for your business.

Device and Endpoint Protection

With most businesses using some form of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, it is challenging to manage security for endpoints including mac’s, pc’s and servers on a system. At ThreatProtector we have you covered, providing both cybersecurity awareness training on BYOD policies and creating customized whitelist protection in real-time. With remote management tools, two-factor authentication for all devices used on the system, and the use of RDP controls, we can protect endpoints, adding to your overall business security. We protect from viruses and malware while at the same time optimizing your devices to ensure that they run efficiently.

If you are serious about protecting your business, talk to the team at ThreatProtector. For more information on our cybersecurity training and IT security solutions, call us today at 678.364.2500.


K.W. COO, Legal

I never realized how competitive our employees were until we rolled out your cybersecurity awareness training service. We went from no one knowing anything, to everyone becoming part of our “human firewall”. I sleep much better at night knowing our people are now part of the solution.


COO, Legal


What can I say… NY law says that as a professional services organization, I must encrypt all sensitive emails to clients. Your onboarding was flawless and now my small team simply has to put brackets around the subject and our emails are automatically encrypted! Amazing!


Owner, Mortgage Brokerage


Rolling out your endpoint protection to our national employee base was the easiest thing I have ever done as a CISO. Rollout was smooth, and more importantly, our computers are 100% protected from advanced threats.


IT Director, Medical

R.E. CISO, National Retail Chain

Working with you is so easy! It’s amazing to me how many vendors just don’t get it that the customer is everything, you guys 100% get it.


CISO, National Retail Chain

 CIO, Financial Services

You and your team have made my live as a CIO much better in dealing with employee cybersecurity awareness training.I specifically love being able to see where my risk lies with each individual employee. I will always be a reference for you.


CIO, Financial Services


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